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We are one of the largest and professional Suez canal yacht transit Maritime Agencies which using the most up-to-date communications and global network in order to offer you a guarantee of high-quality services for the vessels transiting through the Suez Canal..

We represent ship owners / charters / operators and render their vessels reliable and efficient to ensure smooth operations during Suez Canal transit.

Handle the financial matters for the vessels, particularly the Canal Dues costs & estimated disbursements; in addition, supervise on the payments of all expenses to avoid vessels transit delay.

We liaise with Suez Canal Authority in order to have reduction on Suez Canal dues; especially for big yachts, vessels & supertankers which are transiting to long destinations.

After obtaining  ISO 9001:2000 / ISO 9001:2008 Certifications of our quality system; this motivated us in contributing to reaching the objective of "Satisfying the customers ' requirements and expectations, as well as ensure smooth operations during canal transit or at any of Egyptian ports including - Port Said- Port Suez- Hurgada, & Sharm El Sheikh , etc -.

Our comprehensive web site can provide you with all the information you need when either transiting the Suez Canal or calling at any Egyptian port.


Our common services that we can provide to you are:-


• We have a very high level of transportation for our clients.( Very helpful team and orderly Local support 7  days/week)

• Provisioning

• Government formalities.

• Embarking and disembarking the passengers and the crew members.

• Organizing fuel.

• Medical help for any member of the crew.

Organize touristy trips to any place you want in Egypt.

•Organize meals in high levels restaurants in Port Said or any place in Egypt.

• Booking tickets for flights.

• Reservations in the best hotels in Egypt.

• Legal assistance.

• Shipping & handling


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